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A complete Guide For Chris Pratt Onward Barley L:ight Foot Denim Vest

A complete Guide For Chris Pratt Onward Barley L:ight Foot Denim Vest

Barley Lightfoot is a character in Pixar/Disney’s film, Onward. He is an elf and older than Ian, which is his brother. He plays the role of a protector, mentor, and best friend for Ian. To better understand the role played by Barley in the film, we will need to review the whole film. This way, we will unearth other characters that better define him from a broader perspective.

In the film, the voice of Chris Pratt is heard as Lightfoot. Here are the general details about him.

Background information

Full name; Barley Lightfoot

Voice: Chris Pratt

Feature films: onward

Inspiration: Dan Scanlon's brother



He displayed varied traits across the whole film. The most conspicuous ones include: cheerful, eccentric, brotherly, loving, friendly, selfless, pleasant, smart, fun-loving, sensitive, encouraging, exuberant, passionate, adventurous, brave, confident, relaxed, loud, excitable, funny, confident, etc.


Blue elf, dark mullet hair, stubble beard, freckles, black beanie, and t-shirt, mullet hair, stocky, army green shorts, large black sneakers, indigo armband tattoo on the right am, spiked bracelet, pointed ears, he had white writing on his right-hand side which faded towards the end of the movie.


To resurrect the father within 24 hours.


Brother: Ian lightfoot

Mother: Laurel Lightfoot

Father: Wilden Lightfoot

Pet: Blazy

His personality

Unlike his small, quiet, and awkward brother, Ian, Barley is huge loud, and very excitable. The onward film in which these characters span is inspired by a deep personal base. It is always in everyone's best interests to keep your family around (even if you fight a lot). Ian was thrilled at the possibility of having his father around just for one day. On the other hand, Barley relishes the idea that he could see the old man for one more time and inspire sorcery and magic back to the world. They had just the tools for the job.

Barley believes that his brother can bring back their father. Since Ian had never set his eyes on the man, Barley describes him to Ian, making him want to see him in person - this is quite a natural feeling. Barley regrets being afraid to see his old man when he was ill. He couldn't even say goodbye. He is portrayed as one who is very persistent and unafraid; this last act in his father's last days wasn't so positive. He swore never to feel afraid or hopeless again.

Ian is always there for the brother. He teases him, but isn't this the relationship dads have with their sons? (not like Ian is, but…). He always encourages Ian to rise above his self-doubts. He never lost faith in Ian - he is somewhat father-ish.

Barley is a fantasy fanatic. Despite the world progressing and leaving the past where it belongs, he has not forgotten. He wants to bring back the magic. He will do anything to protect the sorcery artifacts and is willing to fight anyone who promises harm to them. Well, you would guess that since he is quite excitable and fun to have around, he has lots of friends. Unfortunately, his love of quests and challenges, especially one with fantasy, makes him an 'outcast' among his peers. He is accustomed to being referred to as a 'screw-up' by the police, and even his brother once called him that. It is never all peace with him when he gets called this.

Physically, Barley has blue skin, a stubble beard, large, and stocky build. He dons a t-shirt inscribed with a 'Q' on it and a black beanie. He also wears a large blue denim vest with numerous patches and pins, green army shorts, and large sneakers – they’re black and white. Moreover, you can see some striking resemblance between him and the mother – with that rounded face, sturdiness, and nose.

Barley Lightfoot's Role in the Film

He is introduced when his small brother discovers his board game, which Barley accuses him of interrupting. He claims to be trying to take out a mighty warrior. Barley plays the board game with his mother, who later tells him to take the trash out. While at it, he overhears a dispatcher sounding a warning to Officer Colt Bronco to be careful about Griffin who is on the run.

Colt knows his fears and appears to give him a warning that every time the city tries to bring down the fountain, he catches him. Laurel Lightfoot also weighs in on the argument after seeing footage of Barley trying to stop the demolition of the fountain at a construction site. Barley is adamant about this fountain because it lies in the land of mythical creatures. His mother, Laurel, duly advises him that the world needs to move on at some point.

Colt is shown joining in on the game, and just then, he tells Barley that the very same board game Quests of Yore isn't just another regular game. He tells him that the game depicted with utmost accuracy the historical scenario of things before the modern age, which was revolutionized by technology. Ian tells Barley to be careful about his father's shirt (which Barley is wearing), he responds by saying Ian doesn't have any memories of his father wearing it. Ian retorts back saying he has two memories of his father and denies telling him (Barley) that he had three.

School Barley arrives at the New Mushroomton High School area in a van Guinevere. Ian tells his colleagues he needs to go home. He then tells Barley that birthdays were celebrated during a solemn quest in ancient times. As their mother recovers the wizard stuff that was their father's, Laurel tells the sons that Wilden was an accountant. Ian reads a note with their father’s quote about magic. Barley looks at the instruction manual on how to use the stick for the Visitation Spell. He explains that for it to work, a rare gem is needed. They try and pose using the stick a couple of times and then leave the room in the company of Laurel and Blazey. He notices Ian trying to use the stick to bring their father back and rushes in; however, it is unsuccessful as he interrupts.

Barley and Ian embark on a journey to the Manticore’s Tarvan to retrieve another Phoenix Gem to help bring back their father after the first attempt only yielded half the results. On their way, Barley insists that Ian should speak from his heart if he were to activate the spell. Ian, on the other hand, is having trouble concentrating. They arrive at the Manticore and ask Corey for a map to find the gem. She shows them the kid's map she has, but Barley is quite specific that he would prefer the real one. He explains that they need to find the gem to help with bringing back their father. She denies it, saying that she is retired from going on adventures. Corey becomes upset about her past life and angrily sets the Tarvan on fire. The three gents escape as Barley hands the only clue about finding where the gem is. Ian finds out that it leads to Raven's point. Barley suggests they go to the location using the Path of Peril.

On their way, their van runs out of gas. Barley tells Ian to use the growth spell to enlarge the gas can, which would expand the gas inside. The spell is unsuccessful as it ends up making Barley a tiny dwarf. They decide to get fuel, which lands them at the swamp gas, then in an altercation with the Pixie Dusters. They escape the scene in a heated van race and then end up on the wrong side of the police. They temporarily get out of it by using the spell to disguise themselves.

They escape this episode and end up on the path of peril. Fast forward…they get into problems with the police again but still escape to get into the cave at Raven's Point. They fail to find the gem. They, however, went back to the fountain and later completely revived their father.

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